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I have never followed a proper skin routine and my skin was dull, dry and tired looking. I booked in with Sabrina for a skin consultation, she explained various options that would help improve my skin. I chose to have the Dermaplanning, Chemical peel and Mesothearapy treatments. Sabrina was very helpful and put me at ease. The Dermaplanning treatment was very relaxing, my skin was glowing  afterwards. I was slightly anxious about the Chemical peel and Mesotharaphy treatments, Sabrina was professional and explained each step throughout, helping me to relax and enjoy the experience. The final results afterwards where amazing my fine lines were reduced and my skin was plump and healthy looking, my skin was glowing. I am not confident in going makeup free normally but after these treatments, I felt great about going out makeup free and not hiding my skin behind foundation. When I did apply makeup it sat so well on the skin emphasising my healthy  looking skin.

Dermaplaning, Chemical Peel & Mesotherapy

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